I co-design joint inquiries to explore, discuss, evaluate and develop solutions and  future visions with participants.
I use an iterative process that brings people together on learning journeys to improve their own or other people’s situations. Participants are empowered to express and share ideas, engage in storytelling to draw from their own and other people’s thoughts and experiences, to explore and define solutions and future visions.

“I learnt that the world and our lives can be different”

Megacity Survival participant feedback

I have designed my own tools and methods during funded residencies, building on techniques from Speculative Design, System Thinking, Physical Theatre and Spatial Design.

I have done workshops with: The Wellcome Trust, Kings College London, Guerilla Science + Royal Engineering Society, British Council + Creativity World Forum.

Megacity Survival

Royal Engineering Society + Guerilla Science

Come Flux With Us, Denmark,

British Council + Creativity World Forum